About GCPS

We have been in existence as the Gold Coast Camera Club for Approximately 55 years (records are a little unclear as to when we actually began). We changed our name in 2000 to the Gold Coast Photographic Society.

We average 80- 100 members aging from 12 to 80 years, and growing. We meet 3 times per Month plus an outing.

We have three grades for competition purposes, A grade, an intermediate AB grade and B (for beginners or new members).

Experienced new members can submit a small portfolio of images to the Committee for placement. We request our Judges to be more lenient with B grade entries.

Judges assume A graders understand the technical aspects of photography, including an understanding of composition, focusing, use of flash, shutter speeds and aperture combinations for a variety of effects.

We have monthly exhibitions/Competitions with annual awards for each category, Prints both B & W and Colour and Digital projected images.

As a club/society we enter into regional interclub competitions each year plus hold joint social events with the Photographic Society of Queensland (PSQ) with which we are affiliated. We also hold an Annual Exhibition of our work at the Robina Library Exhibition Room, and are involved with the Gold Coast Show Visual Arts division.

Individually, members compete in National and International competitions for both Amateur and Professional Photographers.

The vast majority of members are using digital imaging as part of their image making process. Home print making is very popular with Canon and Epson inkjets being the majority makes while some members prefer to use external Photo Labs.

Our fees are $60 per year adult, $95 per couple plus a onetime joining fee of $15 per person. We pay $3 per meeting night to help pay for the hall hire, supper, and competition entry fee. Click here for further information on becoming a member.

You can read a copy of the Constitution of the Gold Coast Photographic Society, Inc. Here