Date: 08/06/2017
Time: 7:30 PM  to  10:00 PM

Judging of the June DPI competition entries.
• This Set Topic has generated much interest and some intrigue so the Committee has decided to add an extra twist to the evenings activities.
• The submitted images, in SET and Open will be shown as normal, along with the judges’ comments and any awards for Merit and Honours.
• Once this has finished, all participants will be provided with a sheet with each image name on it and all the self-portrait images will be shown again.
• Each member will then get to vote and nominate (on their sheet) their best image under each of the three categories:
o Members Choice Award for Best Self Portrait
o Members Choice Award for The Image that looks the least like the subject giving an opportunity for creativity to be acknowledged
o Members Choice Award for The Most Expressive Face
o 2 points for your no 1 choice, 1 point for your 2nd choice in each category
• Over coffee we will tally the results and announce each Award recipients. The ‘winner’ in each category will receive a prize for the evening. It is of course possible that the same image can win more than one category!
• Of course, these are fun awards, however it provides an opportunity for members to test their judgement skills when determining which image, they think is deserving of their vote in each of the categories.
• Before anyone queries the need to keep the photographers identify a secret during the Member Choice Awards judging, remember these are self-portraits and, except perhaps for those creative selfies, I’m sure we will recognise the photographer from the image: or if there is any doubt, naming an image Greg – Mono, is probably another give-away

This is the final date to submit your DPI entries for July. Set subject is Minimalism. Definition:  An image using a minimum amount of components such as colour, shape, line, texture. Less is more, keep it simple.